E-Seva Kendra

    Publish Date: September 8, 2023
    e-Seva Kendra

    e- Seva Kendra

    e-Seva Kendra has been established on 12 Aug 2020 at the entrance of District and Session Court,Bengaluru Rural District,Bengaluru.

    Available Services

    • Handling inquiries about case status, next date of hearing and other details.
    • Facilitate eFiling of petitions right from scanning of hardcopy petitions, appending eSignatures, uploading them into CIS and generation of filing number.
    • To assist in online purchase of eStamp papers/ePayments.
    • Publicize and assist in downloading the Mobile App of eCourts for Android and IOS.
    • Handling queries about Judges on leave.
    • Handling queries about location of the particular Court, its cause-list and whether the case is taken up for hearing or not.
    • Guide people on how to avail free legal services from District Legal Service Authority, High Court Legal Service Committee and Supreme Court Legal Service Committee.
    • Facilitate disposal of traffic challan in virtual Courts as also online compounding of traffic challans and other petty offenses.
    • All other queries and assistance in respect of facilities which are digitally available under eCourt Project.
    • Explain method of arranging and holding a video conference court hearing.
    • Provide soft copy of judicial orders/judgments via email, WhatsApp or any other available mode.